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Interview for Canal 10, Rivera, 2017.

Interview for Norte Visión Noticias, Rivera, 2017.

Interview for Canal 10, Rivera, 2017.

Taller Artes Visuales - Campo Abierto, 2018.

Advertising for solo show at Braguay gallery, 2016.

Solo show at Braguay gallery, 2016.

Review for newspaper A Platéia, Sant'ana do Livramento, RS. 2018.

Raúl Sarasola´s creativity
by Osmar Santos

The great achievement of contemporary art resides in the absolute freedom creators have, independent of the tradition and the popular taste.
In the case of painters, that liberty is clear since the very moment of the starting point of a new artwork, because each artist does it in its very own way. That is the norm.
Raúl Sarasola produces his paintings without any previuos idea of what he wants to accomplish.
He simply goes with the flow, following his intuiton and the glow of colors and slowly managing a perfect harmony of the tonal range.
Obviously, he wouldn't be able to achieve this results, without his solid art basics knowledge.
But nevertheless his deep intuition and creative freedom, many other factors are important in that process, specially the emotional one, those daily experiences that have an important role in the color range and the final composition dynamics.
Sometimes in a particular moment it can be more severe, with greys and dark tones taking over, and sometimes more open, letting more explosive colors appear in wild reds, vibrant shades of blue and others, always saturated.
His production is autobiographic and authentic, and for a better perception, each observer must free itself from the conventional or naturalistic shapes, and penetrate this appealing creative world instead.

● PDF: Sarasola Oxidado - texto de Michel Croz (published in, año 2017)

● PDF: En el laberinto de Raúl - by Roberto Araújo.

Link: 'Um regente do acaso. A propósito de “Por una cabeza”, de Raúl Sarasola, no Projeto Braguay' – by Thomaz Albornoz Neves.