Art Residencies

2020 - 2021

The purpose is not make art.
But living an experience in a privileged place where art raises inevitably.


The Studio Arte Maraú Bahia invites people passionate about plastic expression in living together an experience of Artistical Residences in Visual Art in Peninsula of Maraú, Bahia, Brazil, in formats from at least 7 and 30 days at most. The applier may choose the date in coordination with the organizers from September 1st ,2020 to November 30th, 2021.

Through this program it is offered to the residents technical skills and experimentation: drawing, painting, collage, murals and/or stone sculptures, providing infrastructure, methods and practices for the interchange with the global artistical net and the enhancement of the natural resources and environment.

The Residences will be located in Taipú de Fora/ Barra Grande, Protected Natural Area of Peninsula of Maraú, Bahia, Brazil, where the spaces, contexts and resources required will be provided.

The resident will work according to an open program previously constructed between the host teacher and the resident,focusing on the interests and investigations of them.

It will be offered composition workshops, drawing, painting, stone and wood sculptures, reframing of materials, art history, collage, installation, dovetail and so on.

2. Who can apply

The program is open for people over 18 years old, being able to participate artists, amateurs or students from all over Brazil and other countries. The residence is single, individual, not for a group. The maximum number of people living in the place at same time is 5.

This opportunity is offered to everyone who wishes to receive training in one of the plastic areas included in this Residence.

3. Where it takes place

The Residences will be located in Taipú de Fora / Barra Grande, Protected Natural Area in the Peninsula of Maraú, Southern Bahia, Brazil and it will be provided resources, space, context and time to be accomplished.

4. The place of the Residence

The Peninsula of Maraú is located in the state of Bahia, Brazil, approximately 200 km away from Salvador and separated from the mainland by Bahia of Camumu.

It is a Natural Reserve Area of difficult access and that ensures scarce human presence (6,000 inhabitants) and the preservation of its natural features.

In the last years the place has become more exclusive because the access by the sea is a one-hour long crossing by boat.

Taipú de Fora/ Barra Grande are two places with amazing beaches with natural pools and reefs and exuberant natural vegetation.

5. Features

The program includes : accommodation in private housing, with comfortable double bed,security, private bathroom. In common areas: equipped kitchen, dining-room, yard ,cleaning , bedding change,soap, toilet paper and towels. Tea, coffee, water, fruits, breakfast and two meals a day are available. High quality WiFi connection. Technical training based on a program of daily workshops provided with infrastructure and materials to be accomplished.

It is also included in the program tours to cultural locations and meetings with local artists.

At the end, the residents may choose for a final exhibition and contact with the galleries in the area.

The personal health insurance coverage is NOT included.

Spanish/ English/ Portuguese

Raúl Sarasola

Visual artist, journalist, advertiser, college professor. His artistic production includes painting, sculpture, engraving, mural art, audiovisual and scenography exhibited in several places in the world. He installed his studio in Bahia in 2019 and exclusively dedicates his life to research, teaching and art production.

6. Conditions to participate

The applier should send a request by email: attached to the application form with the following data:

. Poetic summary of your artistical profile.
. Portfolio of 6 to 10 images in JPG of personal works,if they are videos or sound files send the corresponding links.
. Personal Identification copy (identity card, passport).
. Brief personal request note for the Residence, telling about interests and expectations.

7. Participation Costs

. 10 - day long Residence ....(R$2.900)
. 30 - day long Residence ....(R$4.900)

Payment method: Deposit in bank account in your home country.

Contact for more information:
* INSTAGRAM: ArteMaraúBahia
* FACEBOOK: Arte Maraú
* WHATSAPP: +5573999027182

Application Form to Art Residence

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Descreva sua área específica de realização artística / Describe tu área de interés artística / Describe your area of interest in art:

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